Design Settings » Header Search

There are different variations to the Header Search, edit this setting here in SETTINGS >> DESIGN SETTINGS >> Header Design

Keyword + Location (default)

What Keywords is this field looking for? 

  • Company Name / Individual Name

  • Categories (Top >> Sub >> Sub Sub) Something important for to know is that there is a priority on how these categories are displayed.

    Example: If there is a Top Category called "Music Academy" and a Sub Category "Music Masterclass", the Top Category "Music Academy" will show up in Search Results, both categories have the same word at the beginning "Music" so the system will pick the one with the higher priority, in this case the Top Category, also a keyword search that is an *exact match* for the name of a category will *only* return results in that category.

    We also recommend reading All About The Keyword Auto-Suggest For Member Searches to provide a more detailed search for the visitors.

  • The Search Member Keywords Add-on It will index all text on  the members’ profile pages including custom text areas and form fields.

IMPORTANT: The Keyword field is not going to provide results from Membership Features, there are specific modules for these.

Hide Header Search

No Search is going to appear on the Header.

Only Location Search

This mode will only look for location.

Only Keyword Search

Looks only for Keywords.

Hide Search / Show Banner Ad

This mode will remove the search completely, instead it is going to use the Banner Ad designated on the Banner Ad Design.

Show Social Media Links

The Social Media details that added on (SETTINGS >> GENERAL SETTINGS >> SOCIAL MEDIA) are going to display in this section.

Specific Membership Features Search

These are Search modes for specific Membership Features, this will be determined by the needs of the site. These will search for the name of the post.

  • Blog Articles Search
  • Classifieds Search
  • Coupon Search
  • Event Search
  • Job Search
  • Member Articles Search
  • Product Search
  • Property Search
  • Video Search