To create a new email template, go to Emails >> Email Templates. On the top right corner there is a button to create a "New Email Template +":

An empty template will appear where the following can be added:

  1. Subject Line
  2. The content of the email. Here add paragraphs, titles, links, and images.
  3. Template Name, make sure to use unique wording for this area. Use no spaces, only enter lower cases letters and dashes.

Add all of the desired text, images and links using the WYSIWYG editor. 

Additional Information:

» Everything About WYSIWYG Editors

» How to Post Images On WYSIWYG Editors

The Template Name sidebar contains other options that allow for further customization of the new email template:

  1. Template Category - comes with 5 options:

    Billing, Customer Service, Lead Emails, My Saved Templates and System Emails

  2. Include Signature - Select between "Yes" or "No"

  3. Include Website Logo - Select between "Yes" or "No"

Here is the completed template:

Once the email template has been saved, the template can be used when composing an email within the "Template" drop-down:

The actual email: