In this article, you are going to learn how to setup Free Membership Plans, instead of monthly, semi-yearly or yearly orders.  

Sometimes our partners want to add a one-time payment membership (Same as what we do here at Brilliant Directories).  

If this is your case please follow these simple steps to set it up correctly. 

1. Go to the admin and click on Finance >> Membership Plans >> Find the membership plan you wanna make "Free" and click on Edit: 



2. In the menu at the top, please choose the option "Pricing" and make sure that the "Account Type" is Free

If you select the "Free" option, then the pricing options will be hidden.  

The only one that is not hidden is the "Price To Purchase Leads" option. Usually, Free Members need to pay for leads and Paid Members get them for free, however, this will be up to you. 

Also about the "Preferred Payment Term", you can leave is as yearly, it doesn't matter what you choose, because this will be a Free Membership. 

3. Also in the General tab please make sure to select "Sign Up Email Sent" --> "Welcome-basic": 

5. You can check if this was completed successfully checking the pricing page of your website that by default will be
You just need to search for your website URL and at the end add: " /join "

As this is a free Membership Plan, there shouldn't appear any credit card fields, if they are appearing please check the steps 2 and 3.  


If you want to create a one time fee + a monthly, yearly or semi-yearly payment, please read this documentation: Setting up Recurring Payments.

If you want to create One Time Payments, please read this documentation: Setting up One Time Payments.

If you would like to change the amount of the Membership Plans displayed in the image below please read this article:

How to Add New Membership Plans to the Join/Pricing Page