In this article we are going to explain all the steps you need to follow to setup your Spam Form Protector Add-on. 

The first thing you need to know is that Brilliant Directories websites already include anti-spam measures like reCaptcha and honeypots, but spam is relentless. Bots always seem to find a way through a website’s defenses. That's why we decided to enhance the site's form security with Spam Form Protector by defining a set of keywords that you consider spam. The system will then block any submissions that contain those keywords.

In the past this add-on used to be paid, however since December 2018 it is Free for everybody. If for some reason you are not able to see it please Submit a Ticket.

Features & Benefits

  • List the specific keywords/phrases that you consider spam.
  • No limit for how many keywords you can blacklist.
  • Below is a list of recommended keywords to blacklist.
  • Form submissions containing spam keywords will be blocked.
  • Focus your time on your business instead of dealing with spam.

How to set it up?

1. Go to the admin and navigate to Settings >> General Settings 

2. Then click on the "Integrations" tab.

3. Scroll down and at the bottom you will find the option: "Block Spam Keywords", please add the keywords you would like to restrict. 

Important: Below you will find a comma separated list of curated keywords and phrases that we have found to be commonly included in spam form submissions. 

Feel free to edit this list as you see fit.

$$$, .ru, [/url, [img, [url, aceteminophen, act now, adderall, additional income, adidas, adipex, adultdating, advicer, air%20jordan, air jordan, air-jordan, airjordan, air%20max, air max, air-max, airmax, ambien, animated video, baccarrat, bdsm, bitcoin,, blackjack, bllogspot, bonus offer, boost traffic, boost revenue, boost your traffic, boost your revenue, boyfriend, carisoprodol, casino, cephalaxin, cialis, citalopram, click below, click here, click the link, click on the link, clomid, coolhu, crypto, cyclen, cyclobenzaprine, cymbalta, deposit now, discreetordering, domain=, doxycycline,, emailsz, ephedra, few clicks, fioricet, freenet, gamble, gambling, gdf, gds, girlfriend, goodoffers, hair loss, hair-loss, hairloss, holdem, hqtube, hot girl, hot woman, hot women, hydrocodone, incest, increase traffic, increase revenue, increase your traffic, increase your revenue, interesting offering, just click, jrcreations, lawyer-emails, levitra, lexapro, lipitor, lorazepam, lunestra, macinstruct, marketing video, meridia, naked, new%20balance, new balance, new-balance, newbalance, nike, ninja video, nude, offilive, opt out, opt-out, ottawavalleyag, ownsthis, oxycodone, oxycontin, paxil, percocet, perweek, phentermine, poker, porn, poze, propecia, protonmail, remove here, roulette, sex, slot machine, scryptmail, slotmachine, slot-machine, soma, sperm, thorcarlson, tinyurl, tramadol, tumblr, ultram, unsubscribe/remove, unsubscribe here, url=, valium, valtrex, viagra, vicodin, vicoprofen, video marketing, vioxx, website traffic, weight loss, weightloss, weight-loss, xanax, xenical, yopmail, zolus, cliptik, geroev, shayzam, khtyler, nando1, providier, datasoma, lagify, zdfpost, Б, д, в, ¬, ы, ж, и, Ч, П, Ђ, њ, µ, џ, Г, й, Я, Щ, 台, 北, 市, 萬, 華, 禾, 云, 室, 內, 設, 計, 報, 情, 戲, 遊, 有, 線, 麥, 克, 風, 擴, 音, 器, 無, 揚, 歌, 小, 蜜, 蜂, 專, 營, 教, 學, 及

4. Click on "Save Changes".

If you are logged as an admin of the website (clicking Visit Website) it will tell you the exact reason the form is not submitting.

This Spam Form Protector will work on the following forms:

  • Sign Up - Paid Member
  • Sign Up - Free Member
  • Website - Newsletter Footer
  • Website - Newsletter Sidebar
  • Website - Lead Form - Get Matched
  • Website - Contact Us
  • Listing - Write Review

From now on, the words you added in the field above will be saved on your site. So if someone uses one of those words, the system won't let them submit the form.