See all of the Additional Design Settings and how to use them.

Pricing Title BG

How It Works BG

Pricing Title Font Color

How It Works Color

Module Background

Module Border Color

Module Font Color

Module Title Font Color

Progress Bar Incomplete BG

Progress Bar Incomplete Font

Progress Bar Completed BG

Progress Bar Completed Font

Progress Bar Active BG

Progress Bar Active Font

Photo Albums Background

Use this color setting to change the background color of photo galleries.

Corners Style

For more information please read the following article Corners Style - Buttons & Fields

Member Profile TabsĀ 

With this setting modify the layout of how Member Feature Posts appear in the member profile.

Show Content in Separate Tabs (Default)

Show All Content Without Tabs

Post Image Background

This setting changes the background color of post images.

Display Tab TotalsĀ 

Display the Totals of the Post Types on the Member Public Profile.

Profile Full Width Header

Pick if the Sidebar appears under the main section of the member public profile, by selecting No, the sidebar is going to appear right next to the Header area, by selecting Yes the sidebar is going to appear under the Header area.

Profile Photo Style

The setting will control the format in which Profile Photos are displayed:

Standard Corners

Circled Corners