About Website and Join Offer

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000046838-about-website-and-join-offer

On this article we show Directory owners how to update the About Website and Join Offer widget that displays on the Homepage.

To change this section, please go to:

SETTINGS >> DESIGN SETTINGS >> HOMEPAGE >> Select Content to Display

Find the Section spot where the About Website and Join Offer is selected or select this option and click on Edit Settings:

Element Background

This setting will change the background of these 2 sections:

Element Border

To show a border select a different color from the Element Background color:

Join Offer Title

Add text for the Title:

Join Offer Text & About Website Text

Add text to describe these options:

Pre-Made Elements

Use built-in modules.

Join Offer Link Text & About Website Link Text (Button)

Join Offer Link Text (URL)

On this area add the link of the button:

Select Link Button Color

Select the color of the buttons:

To select the color of the button please see: Default Button Link Colors.