Member Images: Importing Members with Profile Photos, Logos & Cover Photos


Importing members can be a bit of a tricky process due to the fact that all of the data entered must be simple, clean text (no formatting, line breaks, or other things that can break a CSV file), and the data must all be in the proper columns in order to import properly. This includes the links for the images that will be uploaded with the file.

Currently, the import tool supports the following image formats: webp, jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.

For the Cover Photo to appear on the member profile this Add-on Profile Cover Photo must be active on the website.

>> How To Import Members Via CSV File

These images can be uploaded to the Media Manager in order to guarantee a successful upload. For in-depth information about the Media Manager check out this link: >> Media Manager Folder <<

Once the images are uploaded to the Media Manager, their URL can be grabbed by clicking on the Copy URL option:

The images can also be hosted on external platforms, however, this tool is meant to help in migrating a site from one platform to another, not to copy images from a 3rd party source without their consent.

Please follow these steps to import all of the images to the members that were just imported:

  1. Navigate to the Members >> Member Images:

    ** Important Note: This tab will only display if the system identifies recently imported images through the member import template. **

  2. Choose an appropriate number of members to import the images of at a time in the dropdown below:

  3. Click on "Update Results":

  4. Use the Bulk Actions to select all of the members, then select "Fetch from Source and Resize Photos" from the dropdown menu. After that, tick the box that says "Select All":

  5. Click the "Apply Action" button. There will be a notification that the images are being processed:

  6. Do not close the window or navigate away from the page during this process.

  7. Repeat the steps above for each page until all images have been fetched and resized.