In this article, we will go over all the settings available in the "Search Visibility" tab: 

1. Set Visibility Rules

1. Are These Members Searchable on the Website?: This setting will allow these members to be searchable (Search Results) on the website or not. 

  • If YES, these members will display in search results for users that are permitted to view them.
  • If NO, these members will not appear in any search results.

2. Can Unregistered Visitors View These Members?: This setting is used when the site is "Members Only" and unregistered visitors can or can't view these listings. 

 If YES, these members will display in search results for users that are not logged in.

NOTE: This setting will override the "Members Only" access settings that are selected under My Content >> Edit Post Settings >> Listing:

If the site needs to be members only, please refer to this article: Members-Only Content

3. Hide Member Profile from Search Engines? If YES, adds no-follow, no-index to member's listing page.

Keep in mind that this is only for Search Engines.

4. Add "NOFOLLOW" to Member Web Links?: If set to YES, web links on member profile pages will have the "NOFOLLOW" attribute. 

Keep in mind that this is only for Search Engines. 

5. Search Results Priority: Order in which members with this account level will appear in search results. 0 is the highest priority.

For example: If this is the most expensive membership, we will recommend setting this to "0". This way this membership level appears first. 

6. Max. Sub-Level Categories Member Can Select: Maximum categories a member can list in. This will include Top-level, sub-level, and sub-sub level categories. 

For example: If we set this to 10. Members in this membership will only select up to 10 categories total, including Tops, subs, and sub-subs.  

  • Enter 'all' to auto-list members in all the available sub-categories. 
  • Enter 'unlimited' to allow members to select as many categories as they wish.

7. Max. Location Limit: Maximum geographic locations a member can list in. 

Type 'all' to auto list members in all locations. 

NOTE: If this field is not available on the site is because this is an add-on called: Multi-Location Listings.  

8. Location Types: Check types of locations this member can list in. 

The options are: Country, State, County, City, and Zip Code. 

These options are available if this is an add-on Multi-Location Listings is active. 

9. Membership Plan Search Results URL: This option will allow adding a new URL for this specific membership plan. 

IMPORTANT - It is NOT possible to use the slug "pro" as it will break this feature. If the word "pro" needs to be used, please enter "pro-plan" to resolve this issue.

For example: If the Premium Membership is being edited, add in this field the word "Premium" and the system will create a new page called "Premium" and it will show all members under the Premium Membership.  


2. Highlight Member Profiles

Enable Search Results Highlight? This add-on highlights members of specific membership plans within the member search result pages of the website. 

It changes the design like the border, the border color, text color, border width, the text message displaying, the font size, text position, and the border-radius. 


3. Hidden Member Profile Settings

Select which other members these members can search for: The easiest way to know which options to select is by answering the question: "Who can these members search for?" Select the check-boxes that answer this question.

If selecting all options or deselect all options, this member can search for all valid listings.

So if these members can search "Featured" listings, just select the "Featured" membership: 

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