Widgets are the building blocks of every Brilliant Directories website and contain the vast majority of the PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript code that is used to make a website work the way it does.

Whenever you need to call a widget so that it displays on a web page, you are required to provide the short code which is formatted as such: 

[widget=your widget name here]

How Can I Access This Short Code?

In order to access the short code version of your widgets, navigate to Toolbox » Widget Manager  

For Customized Widgets, click "Edit":

For Default Widgets, click Actions --> View Master

On both scenarios, system will redirect you to the "Edit" view of the widget specified. Scroll down all the way and you will find the short code:

Copy the code on the left in order to call a widget on a web page.

Where to Paste This Short Code?

In order to call a widget on a web page, navigate to Content » Edit Web Pages » Click on "New Web Page" OR click on "Edit" on preferred existing page:

On this view, paste the short code that copied earlier to the section highlighted down below:

After clicked on "Save Web Page", your web page will be created on the fly and the respected widget will be called.