Widgets are the building blocks of every Brilliant Directories website and contain the vast majority of the PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript code that is used to make a website work the way it does.

Whenever a widget needs to be called so that it displays on a web page, it can be done via providing the shortcode which is formatted as such: 

[widget=widget name here]

How to Access This Short Code

In order to access the shortcode version of the widgets, navigate to Toolbox » Widget Manager  

For Customized Widgets or Default widgets, click "Actions" which will open the drop-down menu. Select "Copy Shortcode":

Another alternative is to open the widget and copy the shortcode from all the way down:

Copy the code on the left in order to call a widget on a web page:

Where to Paste This Short Code?

In order to call a widget on a web page, navigate to Content » Edit Web Pages » Click on "New Web Page" OR click on "Edit" on the preferred existing page:

Additional Information: 

>> How To Create A New Static Page

Inside the editor, paste the shortcode that was copied earlier to the section highlighted down below:

After clicking on "Save Web Page", the web page will be created on the fly and the respective widget will be called.

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.