How to Embed 3rd Party Code (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)


3rd party Social Media Feeds from Twitter and Facebook can be embedded on the site:


To embed videos from YouTube, follow the guide: How To Add Videos On Web Pages.



All Facebook Instructions can be found here:


On the Facebook Page above, enter the URL of the Facebook Page and click on "Get Code":

Copy the code into a custom widget:

Call the custom widget on the page where you would like it to display following the guide: How To Call A Widget On A Custom Page


All the Twitter embeds can be accessed through:

Twitter Publish

What Can I Embed From Twitter?

Twitter offers a lot of new tools that can be embedded on the website. View these options by simply using the dropdown:

The Process

After deciding what kind of feature will be embedded, simply paste its Twitter URL to the text box. 

Choose the preferred display option and the embed code will be generated on the fly!

The only thing left here is to copy the embed code for future usage:

Where Can I Embed This?

Now we copied our embed code, let's create a new widget with it so we can call this on the preferred pages.

Creating The Widget

In the admin, navigate to Toolbox » Widget Manager » Click on the "New Widget" button:

Name the widget, paste the copied code in the HTML tab and copy the SHORT CODE of the widget for future usage and click "Save Changes".

Creating The Web Page

Navigate to Content » Edit Web Pages » Click on "New Web Page" button OR click "Edit" on the preferred existing page:

Paste the shortcode of the widget in the highlighted area down below and click the "Save Web Page" button, the new web page will be created on the fly!

>> How To Call A Widget On A Custom Page

Looking good!

NOTE: We updated the Twitter Activity Feed widgets to display the content from this 3rd party site after the rest of the page loads to improve page load times and page speed scores.