The Edit Post Settings is the place where you can manage your features. The default features that you will find here are:

  • Community Article
  • Website Blog Article
  • Video
  • Property
  • Product
  • Photo Album
  • Job Listing
  • Event
  • Coupon
  • Classified
  • Soundcloud
  • My Favorites
  • Review
  • Specialty
  • Listing

These default features can be modified any way you wish if you wish, to learn how to modify and/or repurpose one of these features click on the link below:

How to Customize Membership Features

Some features have more options than others, you will be able to see the different settings in each feature type in the General tab and by scrolling down:

If you make a mistake and wish to reset the feature back to default, please read the article below:

Reset Member Features To Default

For more information feel free to create a ticket to our support.