In this article, we will be going over on how to call a search module widget, on a homepage as Custom Homepage Content.

This is how the homepage looks before the edits:

First step would be removing the search module from the Homepage Image. To do this navigate to the Settings --> Design Settings --> Homepage Layout Tab --> Homepage Search Settings:

On Homepage Search Settings, select the Search Type as "Hide Search Module":

After saving, this will hide the search module on the homepage:

A call to action button or more wording can be replaced on the space left over after removing the Search Filter.  We will be adding a call to action button for this example.

Copy the HTML code down below:

<a title="Join" href="/join" class="btn btn-primary btn-block">Join Today</a>

Paste it on the Sub Title Text section (this can also be pasted on Main Title Text section):

Our button will appear:

Next would be calling preferred search filter widget on the homepage. To accomplish this, navigate to the preferred widget and copy its short code for future usage:

Navigate to Content --> Edit Web Pages --> Click "Edit" on Homepage:

On Edit view, paste the short code copied earlier to its WYSIWYG editor and Save:

Last thing to do would be to go to the Settings --> Design Settings --> Homepage Layout Tab --> Homepage Section Order


In Homepage Section Order, select Custom Homepage Content on preferred Section:

Our search widget is available now, below the homepage image: