Google Maps Issues: Missing an API


If Google Maps locations aren't loading on the homepage or search modules even though the Initial Set Up Steps were completed, use the Inspect tool to check which error is being presented inside the Console, it's most likely because the key is missing an API:

I am using the Inspect tool to check for the error inside the Console while on the page presenting the issue using "CTRL + SHIFT + I" or right click on the keypad or mouse:

The three main APIs that are covered in this article are:




This can be easily fixed by logging into the Google API Console:


Next Steps:

1. Inside the console check if it is enabled or not. 

2. If it is not, search for it by clicking on the "+ ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES" button.

3. Complete the Search:

4. Click on the API and make sure that it is enabled if not, enable it: