What Are Field Types?

The "Field Type" is a setting within the forms that determine how that field will display on the front-end version of the form.

Field types can be found under Edit View for any form:

Front-End View For Each Field Types


Dropdown List:

Multiple Choice Radios:

Yes or No:

Custom HTML:

Email Address:

Section Title:

Submit Button:

Important Note: We highly recommend using pre-built button classes available. Please refer to this 3rd party article down below that explains each class in-depth:

Bootstrap Buttons

For example purposes, we went ahead and added btn btn-danger as this fields CSS class and it displays like this:

Text - Single Line:

Textarea - Paragraph:

Website URL:

Country List:

Date Picker:

Help Alert Box:

Hidden Field:

This will hide this form field on the front-end:


Phone Number:

State Select:

Top Category List:


Member CV / Brochure Upload:

IMPORTANT - The tool only supports: 

  1. Files that are 10 MB or less  
  2. It can only be used once per member. 
  3. We only support this field in the "Listing - Additional Details - Member" form.

Additional Information:

>> How to Use and or Modify the Member Upload CV or Brochure Field