Edit Checkout Pages: Translate Billing Country or State Fields Dropdown

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000063347-edit-checkout-pages-translate-billing-country-or-state-fields-dropdown

Editing States or Provinces

To edit states or provinces, please contact support by Clicking Here and request to enable this Advanced Setting "Use Custom State / Provinces List". 

The system will use the website's local list of states/provinces in the drop-down menu when it is turned on. 

This is useful to set on if needed to use a custom set of states or translate the states and provinces into an alternative language. When this is turned on, the admin can modify the states directly in the MySQL Database.

Editing Countries 

In the meantime, the only way to translate the country names is through the database.

NOTE: No need to contact support to do this.  


Steps to edit Countries and States / Provinces

1. Go to Developer Tools >> MySQL Database:

2. Click on the "Directory" option in the left sidebar, it will open a lot of tables that are inside the "Directory" folder: 

3. In the left sidebar, please find the table called "list_countries" to edit the Countries.
And find the table called "list_states" to edit States and Provinces.

4. Double click on the name country that needs to be translated (Step 2 below) and hit enter when finished.   

Changes are saved automatically. 

Example: Let's say that it needs to be translated to Spanish:

To go to the next page please click here: 

Once the translation/edition has been completed please close the database and go back to the admin and navigate to Dashboard >> Refresh Live Website.