How to add a Hero Section on Static Pages


It is now possible to add a hero section on a static page like the one showing on the homepage of the site.

To learn how to add a new static page first, please follow this article: How to Create a New Static Page

After the static page has been created, the option to add a Hero Section can be found on the second tab:


- Enable Hero Section: This option controls the activation of this section and the mobile view. Select Yes in order to reveal the settings to include the Hero Section on the static page. 


Hero Section Settings:

- Hide "Below Header Banner Ad": If banner ads are active on the site, select this option to hide the below header banner ad from the page. 


- Hero Image - This section will provide the option to upload a background image to the Hero Section. The admin can control the overlay color, overlay visibility, padding above and below the section, text width and hero image alignment.

Additionally, it shows the option to configure the Background Image Behavior:

- Text Settings - Choose the font size, weight and font color with these available settings. Also, it is possible to add additional content that will render under the H1 and H2 of the Hero Section.


The selected options will be reflected on the H1 and H2 added here:


- Call-To-Action (CTA) Button: This option allows the admin of the site to include a button that will link to another page from the site or an external link. Check the image and points below for more information.


1. CTA Link URL: Add the link URL where the user will be redirected.

2. CTA Link Text: Enter the text to be displayed in the CTA Link Text.
3. Button Color : Select the color of the CTA button. To learn more, click on this article Default Button Link Colors.

4. Button Size: Choose the size of the button to display. Available options are: Normal, Large & Extra Large

5. Open Link in New Tab: Click on the checkbox to open the link in a new tab instead of loading the page on the same one.

Here  is an example of a static page showing a Hero section with a CTA button and  no overlay color:


The Hero Section Option is also available when turning search results pages into a static a page.  To learn more about this, please refer to the following articles:

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