How to Turn Posts and Post Categories Search Results Pages into Static Pages


This functionality allows editing and adding custom elements on post search results pages (general and for specific post categories) by turning them into static pages. In order to achieve this follow these steps:

Access the Admin Dashboard and navigate to My Content >> Web Page Builder >> Click on "New Web Page +":

Once the new page has been created, edit it accordingly. Please see the following points mentioned on the images shown below:


1.  Add a Title.

2. Add a Sub title.


3. Select the Page Type as "Post Search Results".


4. Choose the Post Type to be linked. On this example, the "Job Opening" post type has been chosen.


5. Select the Target Category: Choose either Main Page which will display all the published posts from that post type or pick one category to display the published posts listed under a specific category. Click on this link to learn more about Adding Or Editing Categories To Post Types.

** Important Note: When linking the page to the Post Type Properties, the only available option to choose from the Target Category is Main Page.


6. Adjust the Display Settings. Click HERE for more information


7. If desired, add a Hero Section. Check this article for more helpful information on How To Add A Hero Section To Static Pages.

8. Edit The SEO & Social Media Settings of the newly created static page.

9. Do not forget to save the changes.

This is an example of a Static Page created for the post type "Job Openings" showing the results for sample category 3:


If the admin desires to edit the page, use the keyword search filter and add the URL to locate the new static page on the Web Page Builder, then click on edit: