Navigate to Content >> Web Page Builder >> Click "Edit" for existing page OR click New Web Page button to create a new web page:

Within the web page, the following option will become available on the sidebar:

  1. Internal Nickname - This is for internal purposes and it will not show in the front-end for the users. This is to help find the page easier.

  2. Page Type - Select what type of page is being created. To learn more about this please refer to this article: What Page Types Can I Use?

  3. Protect This Page? - This option is available with the Members Only add-on.

  4. Limit to Digital Product Buyers Only - Available with the Sell Digital Downloads add-on.

Draggable Content Blocks

>> Click HERE to learn more.

Display Settings

  1. Show Sidebar - Select what type of sidebar this page will use.

  2. Sidebar Position - This determines which side to show the sidebar on.

  3. Breadcrumb - Add a breadcrumb trail.

  4. Display Options - With these options it is possible to:

    - Hide Header
    - Hide Footer
    - Hide Header Links
    - Hide Main Menu
    - Hide Banner Ads
    - NoIndex, NoFollow
    - Full-Width Page

    Additional Information:
    >> How to Create a Sidebar