Side-by-Side Pricing Plans: How to Display on Web Pages



Websites powered by Brilliant Directories have a default pricing page that utilizes the basic webpage text editor to display membership plans in a modern, vertical format. This, however, requires users to scroll down the page to compare plans.

The Side-by-Side Pricing Plan feature provides an alternative horizontal column layout for the pricing page, making it easier to compare the membership plans.

What It Looks Like By Default:

When using the Side-By-Side Pricing Tables, the information can be updated and edited via the Pricing Page Menu

Toolbox » Menu Manager » then edit/customize the "Pricing Page Menu"

The Pricing Page menu is not automatically updated according to the Membership Plan settings. Manually edit the text that will be displayed here via the Menu Manager.

How To Add This To A Web Page:

1. Go to Toolbox » Menu Manager »  Find the "Side by Side Pricing Menu"

2. Hover over the ACTIONS button and click on the Copy to Clipboard option. Then paste the copied shortcode for this menu directly into a web page.

3. Paste the copied shortcode and add it to an existing web page or create a new one in the Content »  Web Page Builder section of the admin.

Additional Information:

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When editing the Pricing Page Menu in the Menu Manager, manually add/edit or remove plans: How To Link Membership Plans To The Pricing Tables

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