The Join page membership plan tables are controlled by the Pricing Page Menu -

Inside this menu you can manually add/edit or remove plans: How To Link Membership Plans To The Pricing Tables

This menu will display the information exactly as it is entered - this all needs to be added/edited manually.

Additional Information:

» Toolbox » Menu Manager » Pricing Page - Link CSS Class

» Toolbox » Menu Manager » Pricing Page - Outer CSS Class

» How to Add a Second Pricing Page

The Join page is not automatically updated according to the Membership Plan settings found here:

For more information about the membership plan Pricing options follow this link: Finance » Membership Plans - Pricing

Back-End Information:

This page can be found inside Content » Edit Web Pages » Pricing Page:

The first three items on this image can be edited to fit the site:

1. Page Title (H1)

2. Sub Title (H2)

3. URL  (best to leave as is)

The following two are widgets:

4. This is the widget for the Claim Listing add-on, it requires a subscription: Claimable Business Listings. If this add-on is not enabled, this will not display on the site. This widget will only display for anyone going through the claim a listing process.

5. This widget is the one that displays the membership plan tables inside the Pricing Page menu on the site. 

6. This is the standard sidebar that will appear on all Web Pages. 

Additional Information:

» To read more about the Web Pages, follow this link: Web Pages Folder

» For more about the Widgets, follow this link: Toolbox » Widget Manager

Designing the Join Page:

1) Text and Images can be added inside the WYSIWYG editor and the content will appear on the Join Page:

Additional Information:

» Everything About WYSIWYG Editors

» How to Post Images On WYSIWYG Editors


2) Use the Hero Section: 

» How to add a Hero Section to Static pages