Use Custom Widget as Web Page it's a tool to create a page from scratch that excludes Brilliant Directories code and styling completely. 

Follow these steps to learn how to use a custom widget as a Web Page:

1. Create a Widget

Navigate to Toolbox >> Widget Manager >> New Widget +. Click on the following article for more details on How To Create a New Widget

2. Create a Static Page:

Go to My Content >> Web Page Builder >> New Web Page +. For detailed instructions on this, click on this article How to Create a New Static Page

3. Select the Page Type:

Once the Page has been created, move to the Page Details tab and select the page type as "Custom Widget as a Web Page"

4. Choose the Widget to Render:

Click on "Select Widget to render:" and choose from the drop down the custom widget to render.

Lastly, click on Save Web Page.

To view this page, click on: "View Page"