Brilliant Directories makes it easy to stream content on the homepage. It's currently possible to stream the following content on the homepage:

  • Homepage Hero Divider
  • About Website / Join Offer
  • Custom Homepage Content                                                                
  • Streaming Members                                                                  
  • Streaming Featured Members                                                                    
  • Streaming Featured Blog Article Slider                                                                  
  • Streaming Member Articles                                                                      
  • Streaming Member Articles with Sidebar                                                               
  • Streaming Audios
  • Streaming Blog Articles                                                                                          
  • Streaming Blog Articles with Sidebar                                                                
  • Streaming Classifieds                                                                
  • Streaming Coupons                                   
  • Streaming Digital Products                                                                    
  • Streaming Events                                                                     
  • Streaming Jobs                                                                     
  • Streaming Photo Albums                                  
  • Streaming Products                                   
  • Streaming Property Listings                                                                  
  • Streaming Reviews                                                                   
  • Streaming Videos                                                                    
  • Streaming Top Categories                                                                   
  • Streaming Sub Level Categories                                
  • Events Calendar

Homepage Section Order - Selecting Which Content Will Show on the Homepage

Please follow these instructions:

Go to Settings >> Design Settings >> Homepage Tab >> Select Content to Display

This controls the order of the streaming widgets that appear on the homepage. To add or edit which type of content please click on on the down arrow and select the appropriate data.

Click on "Save Changes".

Use the Background setting to select a different background color:

Homepage Section Settings - How To Customize Streaming Content

Brilliant Directories provides some default options to customize the streaming content on the homepage.  

Go to SETTINGS >> DESIGN SETTINGS >> HOMEPAGE >> Select Content to Display >> Find the Streaming widget and click on Edit Settings.

There are three primary sections editable. These settings apply to all Streaming Widgets:


The title is what is displayed on top of the streaming content.

Amount Of Posts To Be Displayed On The Homepage

Control how many posts will display on the homepage and how many rows.

Only Show Members with Photo

While it is our recommendation to force members to add an image in order for that piece of content to stream on the homepage, there is also the option to allow posts without an image to show as well:

Click on "Save Changes".

Additional Settings

There are additional settings for the following Post Types:

Streaming Blog Articles

Streaming Blog Articles with Sidebar

Streaming Classifieds

Streaming Coupons

Streaming Events

Streaming Jobs

Streaming Member Articles

Streaming Member Articles with Sidebar

Streaming Photo Albums

Streaming Products

Streaming Properties

Streaming Reviews

Streaming Videos

Title Color

Pick the color of the Title.

Linked Post Type

On this setting select the post type with the streaming widget, only if necessary, this is already set up automatically. This setting gives the option to select any post type, including custom post types.

Hide If No Posts Exist

Hide the entire Streaming Widget Section if no post exist.

Only Include Posts from Active Members

If there is an account inactive and don't want those posts to show by activating this setting those posts are not going to display.

Include Posts from Non-Searchable Members

If set to Yes shows the post of a non-searchable member, this will make the post viewable but not the member itself.

Display Order

Select the order of the posts, find these 3 options:




Include Posts from Members in These Plans

This setting applies only to Streaming Members. Select what Membership Plan is going to display on the Homepage.

Limit One Post per Member?

Use this setting to display only one post per member.

Display Additional Information

This setting is only for the Featured Members and Streaming Members Streaming widget. 

This setting is going to display the About information of the member.

Display Location

The setting applies only to Featured and Streaming Members widgets.

Display View Profile Button

Enable or disable the View Profile Button. 

This setting is only for Featured Members and Streaming Members.

To move the sections around, drag and drop the Sections to fit the order desired:

Lastly, to add an extra Streaming widget, click on "+ Add New Section":

Section Settings - Image & Button Settings

Display Post Details

-On Hover

-Always Show (Default)

Hover Background

The Hover Background color, please see: Button Colors.

Hover Font Color

Select the Font Color, please see: Button Colors.

"Read More" Button

Select the color of the "Read More" Button, please see: Button Colors.

"View All" Button

Select the color of the "View All" Button, please see: Button Colors.

Image Aspect Ratio

Select the Aspect Ratio of the image:

-16:9 Rectangle

-4:3 Rectangle

-1:1 Square

Image Behavior

Select how the image appears:

-Enlarge to Fill Space (Default)

-Shrink to Fill Space

Section Title Font - Title Settings

Font Family

Select the Font Family for the Title of the Streaming Widget.

Font Size

Pick the perfect size for the Title.

Font Weight

Font Weight defines the thinness or thickness of the font selected. These are the options:



-Bold (Default)


Title Alignment

Set the Alignment of the Font:



Bottom Spacing

Specify the distance between content and the border of the title from the parallel sections.

Display Divider Line

The Divider Line element allows you to add a line or divider between, above or under, the content of the sections.