Cancellations from Owner's perspective


To learn more about the process the members follow to cancel their account, please read: Cancellations from Member's Perspective

As soon as someone cancels, the owner of the site will receive a copy of the cancellation email sent to the member:

This email will be automatically sent to the Default Website Email that was set up under Settings >> General Settings: 


As soon as the member cancels the account, the system will automatically cancel all open subscriptions to avoid future charges.  

When the member status is "CANCELLED" the profile will not appear in search results and the streaming content as videos, articles, photos, etc. 

We always recommend leaving the member with the status "DELETED" but do not remove it completely from the site, just in case the member wants to come back later or the admin wants to contact him in the future. 

If the member comes back, the admin can easily change the status to "Active" again. In order to do this, please click on Actions >> Quick Edit: 

Then select the option "Active Account" in the Account Status field:

If the admin does not wish to receive an email notification after the cancellation, enable the following advanced setting: