Import 301 Redirects via CSV file


When moving a website to a new platform, the URL structure will often change.  It is a recommended best practice in these cases to create 301 redirects that point the previous URLs of important pages to the corresponding URL on the new website.

Creating 301 redirects in bulk is very straight forward using the Brilliant Directories platform, as it allows the site owner to import these redirects via a simple CSV file.

Import File

The first step is to create a CSV file with the source_url (URL to be redirected) and destination_url (URL to redirect to) for each redirect.

Please see the sample CSV file attached here.

The sample file comes with 4 fields but only 2 are required. The required fields are source_url and destination_url:

  • source_url - original url
  • destination_url - new url

The "type" and "db_id" fields are for developer use, and are not required for a successful import. 

Examples for the "type" field:

"type"Field Description
Manually created 301 redirects through the admin dashboard.
Single Image Post Type redirect
Sub/sub-sub category page redirect
Top category page redirect
Multiple Image Post Type redirect
Member Profile redirect

Important Note: For type "import" can also be specified to identify which redirects were imported and which ones were created by the system.

Uploading the File

Go to Developer Hub >> 301 Redirects:

Inside the 301 redirects select the button "Import CSV File":

Select the CSV file:

Click "Yes, continue":

The 301 redirects appear immediately: