Settings >> Domain Manager >> SSL Security


In this section, we will be going over the SSL Security tab that can be accessed under Settings >> Domain Manager:

This section will display important information regarding the status of the SSL Security Certificate. If the SSL add-on is enabled and installed on the site, the status will show as Enabled:

Also, additional information like the SSL Provider, the Expiration date of the certificate, and front-end and admin SSL statuses can be found in this section as well:

If needed, the SSL certificate can be removed by clicking on the Disable SSL button:

If the website has the SSL add-on enabled but it is not yet installed, the system will show 4 alerts under the SSL Security section, the SSL certificate can be installed directly in this section as well if the website has the SSL add-on enabled but not installed yet:

If the website does not have the SSL add-on enabled, the system will display a direct link to purchase the add-on:

In a scenario where the live domain is pointed and a 3rd party SSL is installed using the instructions in the Install 3rd Party SSL documentation, click on the highlighted link link to enable SSL: