Changelog - July 2015


New Features

  • Show Widgets Option now shows Frontend structure better (Better Widget position, overall look, visualize Widget Container)

Enhancements / Fixes

  • Updates to Currency List (Better support for Site Pricing)
  • Updates to Billing System to support available currencies
  • Enhancements for Contact Forms
  • Multiple enhancements and bugs fixed for the Form Manager system
  • Multiple bugs fix for Bulk Member actions
  • Updated and enhanced Geocoding, geolocating and map usage
  • Updated and fixed several minor issues with the backend
  • Updated Timezone issues (Thanks to many partners, Special thanks to Christopher Roche for his testing and feedback on the matter)
  • Updated look and functionality on how Widgets are Shown when clicking the "Show Widgets" option in the Frontend Admin Sidebar
  • More than 100+ Bugs fixed