Changelog - June 2016



New Features:

  • Website Resources Feature on Admin Portal (BETA).
  • Recent Top Categories Widget for Home Page, includes a design setting to add it on the Home Page. 
  • New Profile/Logo Photo Upload Module. (Alpha Version).
  • Set Membership Feature Currency Advanced Setting.
  • Custom Member Features are now available to select on the Autosuggest Rules Section. 

Enhancements / Fixes: 
  • Full Optimizations to the code Infrastructure with enhancements in all modules of the system.
  • New Functions added to the Core files. Functions: getAdministratorAccount(),getTablesFromMainDatabase(),getDescriptionTableName().
  • New Text Labels added to the Core Files. Text Labels: my_notifications_label,select_from_list.
  • More than 25+ bugs fixed ranging from Backend, Admin Panel, Frontend and more.




For additional assistance:
Email [email protected] or create a ticket Inside Your Account Dashboard.

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