Changelog - January 2018


New Features:

  • The Member Export Data Add-On is now available.

  • We released an update to easily change the Design Settings of a page from the Front-End of the site in addition to the Admin area. With this new update, you can modify the Header, Body, Newsletter and Footer Design Settings using the Frontend Design Tool. To access to this tool, login to the Admin >> Settings >> Design Settings and in the top of the page there is a button called "Live Design Tool" that will take you to the new tool.

  • The Members-Only Content Add-On is now available.

  • We created a new tool in order to delete the unused / old export files generated by the Member Export Data Add-On to save disk space.  The tool is located in the Admin Dashboard, in the section called "My Resources".

  • We released the Integrations Tab in the General Settings section on the Admin. With this module, site Admins can update their Google API Keys, Recaptcha Keys, Facebook ID and so on in one convenient location. All the credentials updated on the Integrations Tab will be also updated in the Advanced Settings and vice-versa.
  • The Bookmark my Favorites Add-On is now available.

Enhancements / Fixes:

  • We allowed Twitterbot in the default robots.txt file.

  • We released a big update to the way that the Search Module Widgets for posts retrieve the Post Categories. For new sites, the categories can be edited from the Edit Post Settings Page in the Admin instead of editing the form of the Post Type.

  • We fixed an issue that was affecting the tabs for Posts on member profile pages. This issue only affected sites that had the enable_lazy_load Advanced Setting set to '0'.

  • The One-Click Social Login Add-On will no longer receive the Facebook "likes" of the user when it is used as a signup method as the like are not used in the software.

  • The word "Support" is no longer a reserved keyword that cannot be used as the name of a Member Category.  A member's profile page will work as normal even if this is set as the name of the member's Top Level Category.

  • We released a security update to the Widget Manager System.

  • The Member Search Results Page is using the new getMemberCategory function in order to retrieve the Sub and Sub-sub Categories of members. For more information click here.

  • When a member upgrades from one product to another product, the price of the upgrade will no longer be pro-rated as this was causing confusion for many members and website owners, and sometimes resulted in nonsensical upgrade prices.  All upgrades will now be priced at face value and no attempt to prorate the price will be made.

  • The new getMemberCategory function has been integrated with the existing "Sub Level Category Display Limit" Advanced Setting.

  • We refactored several core files to make all frontend pages of websites load faster with less server load.

  • The Monitor Add-Ons feature in the Admin has been refactored and the code has been improved to more accurately reflect which Add-Ons have been activated.

  • The crop image module has been deprecated from version 3 of the software (sites launched prior to 2015).

  • We did several updates to the Click-To-Call Members and Member Profile Analytics Add-Ons to improve their performance.

  • In all, over 40 feature enhancements and software updates were released this month