Changelog - May 2018



New Features:

  • We added the ability to send an SMS message when a lead has been matched with a member through an integration with 3rd party email-to-SMS providers like Text Magic. This new feature will only available if the site has installed the Automatic Lead Matching Add-On. In order to activate this new feature, navigate to the Admin >> Leads >> Leads Settings >> Click on Any Action >> Additional Notifications >> Third Party / SMS tab, you will find the option under the Title "3rd Party Lead Matched Notifications".

  • We added the ability to Show/Hide the Sub Category selection checkboxes in the Listing Details section of the Member Dashboard. In order to use this new feature, navigate to Admin >> Finance >> Mange Products >> Edit Products >> Post Publishing tab, there you can check/uncheck the Specialty checkbox to show/hide the Sub Category selection checkboxes in the Member Dashboard.

  • We added the ability to upload images to the body of an Email Template in the Admin area.

  • We added the ability to change the About Join links of the About Website and Join Offer widgets through the Design Settings of the Admin area. In order to use this new feature, navigate to the Admin >> Settings >> Design Settings >> Homepage Layout Tab

  • The Google Translate Add-On is now fully controlled by the new Add-On Manager.

  • We added the ability for coupon codes made in the Easy Coupon Codes Add-On to be used for upgrades as well as for new signups.  We also added the ability to restrict coupon codes to specific products and also choose which codes apply to new sign ups or upgrades.  For more information click here.

  • We added a new Design Setting to control the border-radius CSS value through the Admin Panel (round vs square corners for design elements). In order to use this new feature, navigate to the Admin >> Settings >> Design Settings >> Additional Design Settings area.

  • We added the ability to generate a new password for site Administrators through the Admin Account Page.  Also we added an additional security feature which requires all Administrator usernames to be formatted as an email address and be unique.

  • We released the Facebook Website Chat Add-On. Click here for more information.

  • Now Site Admins can update the settings of the "Streaming Homepage Widgets" through the Design Settings Page on the Admin Panel. In order to use these new settings navigate to Admin >> Settings >> Design Settings >> Homepage Layout Tab.

  • We released the Detect Visitor Locations Add-On. Click here for more information.

  • We released a set of tools to make it easier for Brilliant Directories websites to comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Click here for more information.

Enhancements / Fixes:

  • We made an update to the Coupons search results functionality to prevent expired coupon posts from displaying in some cases.

  • We released a security update to the File Manager and Sitemap Generator functionality in the Admin area, implementing more restrictive permissions to the related directories and files when they are edited.

  • We made an update to the Google Sitemap Generator Add-On to resolve an issue related to URLs containing special characters returning 404 errors.

  • The new Payfast payment gateway functionality was updated to fix an issue with subscriptions that were manually generated through the Admin area.

  • We made an update to the Member Profile Analytics Add-On in order to properly track clicks when a visitor clicks on the Map View Option on the Member Search Results pages.  

  • We implemented a patch to the SSL-secured version of the Admin Panel.

  • We refactored several widgets in preparation for the upcoming release of a new method of editing Text Labels through the front end of a website.

  • We fixed an issue that was affecting the functionality of the Member Fetch Image Module when a website is both using and SSL Certificate, and not using the www subdomain.

  • We fixed an issue which was causing that members located in Greece to not appear on the Locations page of sites.

  • We implemented small changes to the Member Search Permissions in the Edit Product section of the Admin.

  • We fixed a design issue which was affecting the Transaction History page when a site Administrator uses the Add Credit Card functionality for a member.

  • We updated the design of the Theme Preview tab in the Design Settings page on the Admin area.

  • We updated the Sorting functionality of the Member Search Results page when a radius-based location search was performed and a user chooses to sort the results by name.

  • We fixed an issue which was affecting the "Click to Load More" button on posts listed on Member Profile Pages.

  • We fixed an issue which was preventing legacy Profile Page Tabs from rendering Text Labels correctly.

  • We implemented a fix for the capitalization of Tags added to posts.  Previously, the first letter of each tag was always capitalized and the rest of the letters were always lower-case.  Now the Tags will be displayed on the Post Details and Post Search Results exactly as they were entered.

  • We rolled out a Security Update to the Stripe Payment Gateway to implement their most recent API and support tokenization of billing information before it is sent to Stripe's servers.

  • We updated the Easy Coupon Codes Add-On in the Admin Panel in order to show all available Paid Products.

  • We fixed an issue that was affecting the Member Upgrade functionality for some cases when a member had multiple past subscriptions associated with their account.

  • We fixed the issue that was causing duplicated results when the Sort Option was set to Random and the Lazy Load functionality was enabled on Member Search Results pages.

  • We identified a bug in the Google Maps API when adding the country of Ireland as a member's service area.  While Google resolves the issue on their end, we implemented a workaround so the functionality will continue working as expected.

  • The Recent Articles with Sidebar widget now includes the "Posted By" information as it is displayed in normal Article search results.

  • We updated the Color Theme Select module on the Design Settings page in the Admin to fix a couple of issues with the new design.

  • Now the Checkbox and Radio Input fields of the Form Builder are fully supported by the system's email functionality when added as custom fields to a form on the site.

  • We added a Security Update to our Form Builder to avoid collision of form variable names and nicknames.

  • In all, over 55 feature enhancements and software updates were released this month.

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