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Settings Documentation for Streaming Discussions

This document provides detailed descriptions of the settings available for configuring the streaming discussions section on the platform. Each setting allows for customization to meet specific needs and preferences.

To edit these settings, navigate to:

  • In the Admin Sidebar Open Settings
  • Select Designs Settings
  • Open The Homepage Tab
  • Open The Module Select Content to Display
  • select The Streaming Discussions Option

Visual Guide of the  Streaming Discussions

These are the available settings for the Streaming Discussions section:

1. Recent Discussions Title

This setting allows the administrator to set the title for the recent discussions section. The title can be customized by entering the desired text in the provided input field.

2. Title Color

The title color setting enables the customization of the title's color. Administrators can choose a color by inputting the desired color code or using the color picker tool provided.

3. Display Options

This setting controls the number of recent discussions displayed. Administrators can select from a range of options, from 1 to 24 results. Additionally, the layout can be adjusted to show a specific number of results per row, ranging from 2 to 4 results per row.

4. Linked Post Type

This setting allows the administrator to select the type of content linked to the recent discussions. Options include events, job listings, coupons, videos, SoundCloud posts, website blog articles, community articles, and discussions.

5. Only Show Posts with Photos

Administrators can choose to display only those posts that have photos. This setting ensures that posts without photos are excluded from the recent discussions list.

6. Image Quality

This setting controls the quality of the images displayed in the recent discussions. Administrators can choose between thumbnail size and large size.

7. Show "View All" Button

The "View All" button allows users to see all recent discussions. This setting can be toggled on or off using the dropdown menu.

8. Hide If No Posts Exist

This setting allows administrators to choose whether the recent discussions section should be hidden if no posts exist. It can be enabled or disabled using the dropdown menu.


9. Only Include Posts from Active Members

This setting specifies whether only posts from active members should be included. Administrators can choose to include posts from active members only or from all members.


10. Include Posts from Non-Searchable Members

This setting allows administrators to choose whether to include posts from non-searchable members. It can be enabled or disabled using the dropdown menu.


11. Include Posts from Members in These Plans

This setting allows administrators to limit the displayed posts to specific membership plans. Administrators can select the desired membership plans from the provided list.


12. Display Order

The display order setting determines the order in which recent discussions are shown. Options include newest first, oldest first, or random order. This can be customized by selecting the desired option from the dropdown menu.

13. Limit One Post per Member?

This setting specifies whether only one post per member should be displayed. Administrators can choose to display one post per member or allow multiple posts from the same member.