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This article will guide us on using the Email Outbox functionality in our software. Learn how to access and utilize this tool to engage with the audience effectively.

How to Access This Tool

This tool can be accessed under Emails » Email Outbox in the admin area:

Overview of the Layout

In this section, the Email Outbox layout will be outlined and explained. This includes additional resources and details of the different statuses, activities, and information that is displayed.


Two different banners can be displayed based on the status of the emails sent from the system:

  • Sent: The email has been sent out.
  • Not Sent: The email has not been sent out.


The emails sent date and time will be displayed here:

Sent By

The email account of the sender will be displayed:

The default Website "FROM" Email Address can be set up under General Settings » General Settings Tab » Website "FROM" Email Address.


This section will display the email account that is receiving the email:

Email Content

In this section, the Email Template used will be displayed.

Within this segment, both the Email Templates name and the option to click "See Email" for a preview of the email will be available:


The email activity will be shown

  • Delivered: Emails are successfully sent to the server.
  • Unopened: The recipient might not have read the email or deleted the email without opening it.
  • Opened: Number of times the recipients have opened the email.
  • Clicked: Interaction of the recipients clicking on a link in the emails.
  • Spam Complaints: Reports made by email recipients against the emails sent from the site.
  • Failed: The email address entered is not valid.
  • Hard Bounced: This occurs when the recipient's mail server permanently rejects an email due to reasons like invalid email addresses or domain issues.
  • Soft Bounced: It happens when an email cannot be delivered temporarily, often due to reasons like a full mailbox or a temporary issue with the recipient's server.
  • Previously Bounced: This refers to email addresses that have experienced either a hard or soft bounce in previous delivery attempts, indicating a history of delivery issues that should be monitored or addressed.

Also, the date and time of each Activity will be displayed next to each one:

Exploring Additional Functionality

Some additional functionality is available within the Email Outbox. Here, users can filter options and convenient actions.

1. Filter by Status: This option enables users to filter the Outbox by the email status, such as Sent, Not Sent, Delivered, Unopened, Opened, Clicked, Spam Complaints, and Failed.

2. Filter by Date: Users can arrange sent emails chronologically, aiding in tracking and managing sent emails over time.

3. Filter by Keyword: This feature facilitates searching for specific sent emails by keywords, streamlining navigation within the system.