As you begin to sell membership subscriptions, the situation will likely arise where you need to complete a refund. 

Important:Please read the following disclaimer. Brilliant Directories does not provide documentation on the various payment merchants. Please contact your payment merchant to find out if your accounts will encounter any of the following items:

  • Some payment gateways do not permit refunds.
  • Some payment merchants such as require at least 24 hours to pass prior to allowing a refund to be generated.
  • Some payment gateways do not allow refunds from 3rd party websites, like the Brilliant Directories admin.
  • Refunds can only be processed if the time-frame window for a refund is still open. PayPal Pro only allows refunds within 60 days of purchase.
  • If you change the payment gateway (from PayPal Pro to for example), refunds will not be processed. You must refund using the same payment gateway that made the initial charge.

  1. Click on "Members"

  2. Search for the member you wish to refund:

  3. Once the member is found, click on "View Orders":

  4. Click on the purchase you wish to refund:

  5. Confirm that you would like to refund that payment:

  6. You should see a success message:

  7. The payment will now show as refunded:

Importing Items To Understand When Issuing a Refund

  • Refunding a payment will NOT stop the active subscription. If it is a recurring subscription, the member will continue to be billed until you click on "Stop" for their original order.
  • A quick way to know that your member will continue to be billed is when you see "Active" on the "Order" icon:

  • Once a payment is refunded, the "Refund" icon will no longer be visible next to the payment that was refunded, plus a red icon that reads "Refunded" will appear.

  • You can't stop an order that is recurring if you have changed payment gateways from the time the member was originally billed.  In order to stop this order, please do so directly in the payment gateway account used to create the order.