How Refunds work


The billing module allows the Admin to issue a refund for transactions completed through the site.

Important: Please read the following disclaimer. Brilliant Directories does not provide documentation on the various payment merchants. Please contact the payment merchant to find out if the account will encounter any of the following limitations:

  • Some payment gateways do not permit refunds.
  • Some payment gateways such as require at least 24 hours to pass prior to allowing a refund to be generated.
  • Some payment gateways do not allow refunds through 3rd party websites, like the Brilliant Directories admin.
  • Refunds can only be processed if the time frame window for a refund is still open.  For example, PayPal allows refunds within 6 months of the transaction.
  • If the payment gateway of a site is changed after transactions have been processed (from PayPal Payflow to for example), refunds for transactions completed through the first payment gateway cannot be done through the Admin of the site. 
    Refunds for these transactions would have to be completed by logging directly into the payment gateway account.

1. To process a refund, please log in to the Admin and navigate to Members >> Search Members.
2. Search for the member, typing the name or the Member ID. For example "Johnny Cook". 
3. Click on Actions.
4. Click on "Payment History". 

5. It will open the Transactions tab, to issue the refund.  
Click on the Actions >> "Refund Payment" to refund the payment:

6. Confirm the refund by clicking on the "Yes, Continue!" button:

7. A "Refund Successful" message pop-up will show up:

8. The Invoice will now show in the "Refunded" tab.

Important Items To Understand When Issuing a Refund

Refunding a payment will NOT stop the active Subscription. If it is a recurring subscription, the member will continue to be billed until ending the subscription manually here: