You have full access to the source code from the front-end of your website. This means that anything your visitors see, you can edit.

Please note that for multi-lingual websites, we recommend using the "Google Translate" widget that allows your website visitors to switch between languages. 

Everything that you will need to translate can be found in the Admin Area of your website. 

Text Labels: The vast majority of text on the front end of a website can be edited through the Text Labels area of the Admin.  Click here for more information about editing Text Labels.  

Menu Manager: Editing the text in the Main Menu, Header Mini Nav, and the Footer menus of a site can be done through the Menu Manager. Click here for more information about editing the contents of the Menu Manager.

Post Settings: Editing the names and categories of Posts Types such as coupons, videos, photos, articles and more is done through the Post Settings area of the Admin.. Click here to learn how to translate text related to Posts. 

If there is text on a site that does not appear to be editable through one of the areas listed above, please feel free to submit a ticket to request information about how to edit the text.

Expert Tip

This can also be submitted as a customization project on our marketplace which you can find here: Marketplace