Website owners have a full access to the source code of their website. This means that anything your websitor visitors see are editable.

Everything that you will need to translate can be found in the Admin Area of your website.

Please note that for multi-lingual websites, we recommend using the "Google Website Translator" add-on that allows your website visitors to switch between languages. 

Text Labels

 The vast majority of text on the front end of a website can be edited through the Text Labels area of the Admin. 

Text Labels can be found under Settings --> Text Labels:

OR can be reached through Admin Bar --> Show Text Labels:

When clicked, text labels that are being used on that specific page will be highlighted and will be clickable:

When clicked on any of these highlighted areas, system will redirect you to the Text Labels on admin where you can change the wording on the fly:

Menu Manager

There are few sections on your site that can be edited via Toolbox --> Menu Manager:

Sections can be edited via Menu Manager are:

Header Main Menu:

Pricing Page Menu:

Footer Menu:

Header Mini Nav:

Login Page Links:

Edit Post Settings

Editing the names and the categories of the Posts Types such as coupons, videos, photos, articles and more can be done through the Content --> Edit Post Settings:

General Settings Tab:

Feature Name, Categories and its URLs can be translated on this section:

Profile Page Design Tab:

Features overview tab name can be translated on this section:

Search Result Settings Tab:

Features default H1 and H2 can be translated on this section:

If there is text on a site that does not appear to be editable through one of the areas listed above, please feel free to submit a ticket to request information about how to edit the text.

This can also be submitted as a customization project on our marketplace which you can find here: Marketplace