How To Edit/Change Default Language of Websites


Please note that for multi-lingual websites, we recommend using the "Google Website Translator" add-on that allows the website visitors to switch between languages.

1. Edit Language via Text Labels

The vast majority of text on the front end of a website can be edited through the Text Labels area of the Admin.

Text Labels can be found under Settings >> Text Labels:

OR can be reached through Admin Bar >> Show Text Labels:

How to Locate Text Labels on the Front End of a Website 

Important Note: If there are multiple sites that will be using a different language and the text labels for one of them are already translated, the following workaround can be used as a shortcut:

How To Export/Import Text Labels Via Database 

If the website will be translated to Spanish, the quickest way to translate these text labels would be selecting the Default Website Language as Spanish by checking the "Use same language for text labels" option under the General Settings:

With this option selected, the system will start using the Spanish version of these text labels:

And the system will start displaying the text labels in Spanish in the front-end of the site:

2. Edit Language via Menu Manager

There are a few wordings on the site that can be edited via Toolbox >> Menu Manager:

To learn more information regarding what these default menus are and how to customize them, please refer to the article down below:

Menu Manager Overview 

3. Edit Language via Post Settings

Editing the names, URLs, H1 and H2s, and the categories of the Posts Types such as coupons, videos, photos, articles and more can be done through the My Content >> Edit Post Settings:

To learn more information on how to make these edits, please refer to the article down below:

Edit Post Settings Overview