Please note that for multi-lingual websites, we recommend using the "Google Website Translator" add-on that allows your website visitors to switch between languages. 

1. Edit Language via Text Labels

 The vast majority of text on the front end of a website can be edited through the Text Labels area of the Admin. 

Text Labels can be found under Settings --> Text Labels:

OR can be reached through Admin Bar --> Show Text Labels:

When clicked, text labels that are being used on that specific page will be highlighted and will be clickable:

When clicked on any of these highlighted areas, system will redirect you to the Text Labels on admin where you can change the wording on the fly:

2. Edit Language via Menu Manager

There are few sections on your site that can be edited via Toolbox --> Menu Manager:

Sections can be edited via Menu Manager are:

Header Main Menu:

Pricing Page Menu:

Footer Menu:

Header Mini Nav:

Login Page Links:

3. Edit Language via Post Settings

Editing the names and the categories of the Posts Types such as coupons, videos, photos, articles and more can be done through the Content --> Edit Post Settings:

General Settings Tab:

Feature Name, Categories and its URLs can be translated on this section:

Profile Page Design Tab:

Features overview tab name can be translated on this section:

Search Result Settings Tab:

Features default H1 and H2 can be translated on this section:

If there is text on a site that does not appear to be editable through one of the areas listed above, please feel free to submit a ticket to request information about how to edit the text.

This can also be submitted as a customization project on our marketplace which you can find here: Marketplace