Developer Hub » cPanel Dashboard » Zone Editor (A Records, CNAME, TXT and More)


If the nameservers of the sites domain are pointing to Brilliant Directories: 


Then all of the DNS Zone settings associated with the domain and its subdomains (A Records, CNAME records, TXT records, and SRV records) can be managed directly through the Brilliant Directories account.  

To edit these settings, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to cPanel by going to Developer Hub » cPanel Dashboard

**Important Note: The cPanel dashboard layout is continuously being updated, however, all the instructions presented in this article apply in the same way.

We recommend using the keyword search tool to find specific sections:

2. Once logged in to cPanel at find a search bar at the top, type "DNS" then click on "Zone Editor":

3. Then click on "Manage".

Add or edit all of the DNS Zones associated with the domain here.

To add a new record, click on the arrow icon and select the type of record (MX, TXT, CNAME, etc)

To edit an existing record click on "Edit" and add the new record information.

A Record Note

When using the A Record method to connect the domain make sure to include a CNAME record for the www. version of the domain.

Along with the CNAME for the www. version of the domain, there are a few email records that will need to be added within the domain host. 

These additional records will guarantee that the system emails are delivered successfully.

Find these records in the DOMAIN MANAGER > Email Deliverability:

Copy these records over where the domain is being hosted exactly as they are specified, there are no changes required to any of them. The system has generated these records specifically for the website and domain.