Once a member"s credit card information is on file, the  site can create a subscription (recurring or one-time payment) for a member of their directory. Keep in mind that when someone signs up from the /join page the system will create the subscription automatically. 

However, sometimes the owner wants to change the amount of the membership or create a new subscription. 

This is also very beneficial if the site is taking external payments (bank transfers, checks, etc) instead of accepting direct payments on the site.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Admin area and navigate to Members >> Search Members.

2. Locate the member you wish to create a subscription for and click on Actions >> Payment History: 

3. At the top right of your screen you'll see the "New Order" button, please click on it: 

4. In the left side you can select the:

1. Membership Level: Select the membership level you want to choose for this specific order

2. Billing Cycle: Monthly, Semi-Yearly and Yearly (This will depend on the configuration you set up in the membership level itself)

3. Price Override: Type the amount you want to take in this specific order. If you don't wanna modify the amount please leave this option blank. 

4. Start Billing On: Here you can change the start date of the subscription, you can select the present date or any day in the future. 

5. Admin Notes: Here you can add any notes for the internal team.

5. Make sure the information you have selected on the left side is appearing on the right side.

When you have checked that everything is right, please click ONLY ONCE the "Create Oder" button and wait less than 10 seconds. If you click twice this button, the system can create the subscription duplicated.   

6. Confirm the order clicking on the "Submit Order" button:

7. After you hit the "Create Order" button, the page should load automatically and you'll see the message: "New Order Created" and a brief of the order: 

8. If the member had a credit card on file, the system should take the money. To verify if the money was taken successfully please click on the "Transactions" Tab and make sure the status of the order says "Paid". 

** The ADMIN NOTES will appear inside the Subscriptions tab:

9. You can also verify the payment under Finance >> Transaction History: 

10. If the payment wasn't taken, this means that the credit on file needs to be updated. 

The Unpaid invoice will appear in the "Past Due" tab. When the member updates the credit card on file, you need to attempt the payment manually. There is no need to create a new order. 

To attempt the payment manually please click on Actions >> Collect Payment: 


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