The Configuration Settings in the admin panel are:

Website Status:

There are two available settings for this section; Live or Staging Mode.

The Staging Mode option will basically prompt your domain URL to go to a landing page when your site is under construction.

You can read more about this specific setting here: How To Activate "Staging Mode" / "Coming Soon" Splash Page As Your Homepage

The Live option will basically not do anything to your site and your domain URL will go to your site's homepage as it should. 

Search Engine Visibility:

There are two available settings for this section; Allow search engines to index website (recommended) or Do not allow search engines to index website

If allowed, search engines will be able to index your website, if not allowed, search engines will not be index your website.

Location Search Suggestion:

These settings go hand in hand, however, if you set the "Only Search Primary Country?" setting to "No" the "Primary Country" setting doesn't really have a purpose. 

The "Primary Country" setting basically tells the system what country you are located in. 

The "Only Search Primary Country?" setting, when set to "yes" will instruct all the location modules on your site to only prompt autosuggestions for locations in your country.

If you decide to set the setting to yes, we would also recommend you follow these instructions to localize your search: 

How To Localize Your Search

Note: The system will use the primary country of the site as the "region" when getting the info if the location from Google maps.

Website Time Zone:

This setting will set the time for a couple things, including:

  • The Time in your admin panel, which is important so that your website activity tracker keeps track of your changes at the right time. 
  • This will also set your website time, so any post that expires on a certain date and time will make sure that it expires based on your time zone. 

Display Website Timezone When Publishing a Post

This setting will turn On or Off the field displaying the website's timezone, underneath the date and time pickers on the forms that have these fields. 

Date Format: 

This setting will allow you to change the way the date is displayed throughout the website.

Default Search & Lead Auto-Match Radius:

When a user does a search on your site for a specific location, the default is to display all members within a 50 mile (or kilometer, depending on the settings of your site) radius from the searched location. If you would like to edit this radius, simply select the distance radius from the drop down. 

Display Distance In:

There are two options for this setting; Miles or Kilometers.

This setting will make sure that when visitors search for the professionals on your website the correct distance measurement is displayed.

For example: Say a visitor on your site searches for a location X  on your site, you don't necessarily have a member in the location X, but you do have one in Location Z.

Location Z is W miles/kilometers away from Location X. Based on this setting, when your visitor does a search our system will display your member's distance from location X to Z in either Miles or Kilometers

Website Currency:

This is where you select the currency you want your members to be charged in. 

However, to charge any of your members it's always important to set up a payment gateway:

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

If your desired currency doesn't appear in the drop-down please contact our support team through a Ticket.

Default Website Language:

This setting controls the language used for 3 different pieces of functionality in our platform.

Require User Consent To Store Data (GDPR)?:

This setting lets you turn on or off the GDPR consent fields in the Signup form.

If your website stores any personal data of EU citizens, or requires additional consent to store user data, you would need to turn this setting on.  

For more information about GDPR click on the following article: Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Google Analytics ID:

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

If you would like to learn how to create an account and where to add your Google Analytics tracking ID please read this article: How To Install Google Analytics Tracking To Your Site

Member Keyword Search Type:

The Member Keyword Search Type lets you choose between a Strict Keyword Search and Inclusive Keyword Search.

The Strict Keyword Search will only return the members in a category if the searched keyword is an exact match for the category whereas the Inclusive Keyword Search will return the members in the category and will also look for matching keywords in any field of their Contact Details, Additional Details and About form.