The Localization Settings in the admin panel are:

  1. Primary Country
  2. Website Time Zone
  3. Date Format
  4. Display Website Timezone When Publishing a Post
  5. Default Website Language
  6. Distance Format
  7. Location Search Suggestions
  8. Currency Preview
  9. Website Currency
  10. Website Currency Number Format
  11. Currency Prefix
  12. Currency Suffix

Primary Country:

Select the country that the system will fall back on or will be recommended to users for their locations.

It may be necessary to check the country settings in the Finance section: 

Finance » Payment Gateways » Additional Settings » Billing Address Countries 

Website Time Zone:

The system will suggest the time zones depending on the "Primary Country" selected above. 

This setting will set the time for a couple of things, including:

  • The Time in the admin panel, which is important for the website activity tracker to keep track of all changes at the right time. 
  • This will also set the website time, so any post that expires on a certain date and time will make sure that it expires based on the right time zone. 

NOTE: The time zone may need to be adjusted for Daylight Savings Time (make sure the timezone matches the GMT time difference)

Date Format:  

Change the way the date is displayed throughout the website with this setting.

Display Website Timezone When Publishing a Post

This setting will turn On or Off the field displaying the website's timezone, underneath the date and time pickers on the forms that have these fields. 

Default Website Language:

This setting controls the language used for 3 different pieces of functionality in our platform.

Distance Format:

There are two options for this setting; Miles or Kilometers.

This setting will make sure that when visitors search for the professionals on the website the correct distance measurement is displayed.

For example: Say a visitor searches for a location X  on the site, and there are no members in the location X, but there is one in Location Z.

Location Z is W miles/kilometers away from Location X. Based on this setting when the visitor does a search our system will display the member's distance from location X to Z in either Miles or Kilometers.

Location Search Suggestions:

These settings go hand in hand, however, if  "Only Search Primary Country?" is set to "No",  the "Primary Country" setting doesn't really have a purpose. 

The "Primary Country" setting basically tells the system what country the website is targeted to. 

The "Only Search Primary Country?" setting, when set to "yes" will instruct all the location modules on the site to only prompt autosuggestions for locations in that country.

If this is set to yes, we would also recommend following these instructions to localize the search: 

How To Localize Your Search

Note: The system will use the primary country of the site as the "region" when getting the info if the location from Google maps.

Currency Preview:

Get a preview of the settings that have been picked for the website currency:

Website Currency:

Select the currency that members will be charged in. 

However, to charge any of the members it's always important to set up a payment gateway:

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway 

If the desired currency doesn't appear in the drop-down please contact our support team.

Website Currency Number Format:

In some countries the order in which the currency symbol is displayed changes, some countries use the symbol in front of the amount, some others use it after the amount, also the way in which the decimals are delimited can change depending on the format that is used in the country the site is located. 

This setting controls the format in which the currency and amounts should display.

Currency Prefix:

If the format of the website currency should display before the amount use the currency prefix, for example: [AU$]1,234.56

Currency Sufix:

If instead, the currency symbol should display after the amount use the Currency Suffix option, example:1,234.56[AU$]

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.