Design Settings

On this section you are going to be able to modify fonts, colors, and some settings.

Homepage Layout

On this section you are going to be able to change your search module text, fonts and colors associated with it.

Homepage Slideshow

Here you can upload your slideshow images and edit the slider settings.

Pre-Made Color Sets

You'll find many color sets to choose from, if you would like to start with some pre-made color palettes this is the area to pick the best one for your project.

  1. Aspen Mint
  2. GeoFlow
  3. Foliage
  4. Blue Asphalt
  5. Angela's List
  6. Yellow Pages
  7. White + Green
  8. Ocean
  9. Black + Green
  10. YooHoo
  11. FaceBlue
  12. Holistic Theme
  13. Corporate Blue
  14. Home Improvement
  15. Pinterestly
  16. Electronics
  17. Black + Orange
  18. Pumpkin Patch
  19. Red on Black
  20. Razer
  21. Deep Blue
  22. Light Traveler
  23. Wedding Theme
  24. Lime Monochrome
  25. Yelpie Red
  26. Smooth Blue
  27. Accelerate
  28. Muted Blue
  29. Bronco Blue
  30. Smart Consumer
  31. Orange Rivalry
  32. SeaHawks Pro
  33. Midnight Beach
  34. Cool Waves
  35. Peaceful Purple
  36. Playground
  37. Dark Raspberry
  38. Spacey Orange
  39. Grey Matrix
  40. Beige & Burgundy

Banner Ad Design

Banner Manager / Banner Ad Design - New Design Setting

Custom CSS / Head

How To Add A Snippet Of Code To The <HEAD> Of Every Page Of A Site

Change Theme

How to Preview & Activate a ThemeĀ