To access this section please go to Settings >> General >> Header Colors:

Display Header

Hide or Display the Header:

Header Search Module

Read more about this setting here: Show Header Search

Display Translate Tool

This tool is an Add-on Google Website Translator

Public Header Menu

The Public Header Menu is going to show for visitors of the website:

Logged In Header Menu

The Logged In Header Menu is going to display only when members are logged in.

Only the default or an exact clone of the Logged In Header Menu is going to work on this area. Other Menus listed on Toolbox >> Menu Manager are not going to work since these are not designed for this area. 

Use this Menu option to add links just for members.

Link & Font Size

Change the size of the Header Links

Header Background

Select the color of the Header Background.

Link & Font Color

Signup Button Background &  Font Color

The button appears by default on the Header, the link on this button goes to the /join page.

Search Button Background &  Font Color

The button displays when a Search Module is selected under Header Colors >> Header Search Module.


Header Mobile-View Settings

These settings will apply for all mobile devices, with these settings  hide or display the following sections:

  • Website Header
  • Website Logo
  • Mini-Nav Links
  • Header Search

Default Look on Mobile:

Website Header: Hide on Mobile

Website Logo

Select how the logo appears on Mobile-View.

Normal Logo Display


Favicon Compact View

Hide on Mobile

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.