On this article we explain how to use the Main Website Design settings.

To access this section please go to:  SETTINGS >> DESIGN SETTINGS >> Header Design

Header Background

Enter or pick the color for the Header:

This is how the Header Background color changes:

Signup Link BG

Search Button BG

Link & Font Color

See how this setting changes when we apply a different color:

Signup Link Color (Text)

Search Button Color (Text)

Show Translate Tool?

This tool is an Add-on  Google Website Translator

Show Header Search?

Read more about this setting here: Show Header Search

Hide Header on All Devices?

To remove the Header completely, set it to yes if necessary:

Mobile View Options

These settings will apply for all mobile devices, with these settings  hide or display the following sections:

  • Entire Header
  • Website Logo
  • Mini-Nav Links
  • Header Search

Default Look on Mobile:

Entire Header: Hide on Mobile