Design Settings » Sidebar Alignment Options

A sidebar is referred to a widget-ready area to display information, add or create widgets and place them in this area. It is a vertical column on the side.

On this article we are going to cover what areas have these Sidebars by default and how to align them left or right, slim or wide and/or remove them.

Additional Information: Toolbox » Sidebar Manager

To find this section please go to: Settings >> Design Settings >> Additional Components >> Sidebar Alignment Options

These are the default Sidebars on the site:

There are 5 available options within the drop down:

  • Left Slim
  • Left Wide
  • Right Slim
  • Right Wide
  • Do Not Display

Left Slim on the Member Search Results:

Right Wide on the Member Profile Pages:

Do Not Display on the Post Search Results:

Left Wide on the Post Details Page:

Use the link to see examples of the Personal Post Feed and Global Website Search sidebars: