A sidebar is referred to a widget-ready area to display information, you can add or create widgets and place them in this area. It is a vertical column on the side.

Additional Information: Toolbox » Sidebar Manager

To find this section please go to: Settings >> Design Settings >> Sidebar Alignment Options

On this article we are going to cover what areas have these Sidebars by default and how you can align them (left or right) and/or remove them.

These are the default Sidebars on your site:

  • Member Search Results
  • Member Profile Pages
  • Post Search Results
  • Post Detail Pages
  • Homepages With Maps

Let's take a look at the pages referenced by these settings.

Member Search Results

This Sidebar is referencing to the /search_results page:

Now let's move it to the Left and see how it changes, to see this change make sure to click on Save Changes:

Member Profile Pages

We are looking at a Member Profile:

On this example we decided to remove the Sidebar:

As you can see no Sidebar appears on the page, the content of the member profile extends removing the Sidebar:

Post Search Results

This is the Sidebar that displays on all of your membership features post search results such as:





and so on..

Post Detail Pages

This is the Sidebar that appears when viewing a post:

Homepages With Maps