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The Form Manager is a key module of the Brilliant Directories Platform as it contains all the forms that are used around the site.

Forms are the way members or website visitors are able to submit data to the site, so this is the place to edit, create and customize forms to collect data from the members and visitors.

How to Access The Form Manager

To access the Form Manager, navigate to Toolbox >> Form Manager:

Default Forms

Every Brilliant Directories site will come with a set of default forms that the site owner can utilize and these forms will have a DEFAULT FORM tag as can be seen down below:

To learn more about the default form types, please refer to the article down below:

Default Form Types 

Customized Forms

By default, new websites are launched without any customized forms:

Once a form is customized, it will start appearing above the Default Forms:

To learn how to customize a default form, please refer to the article down below:

How To Customize a Form

Bulk Actions

There are a set of bulk actions available for custom and brand new forms:

To learn more about bulk action for forms, please refer to the article down below:

Bulk Actions For Forms 

Duplicate Forms

As we went over earlier, if a default form is customized, it will appear on the top section under Form Manager:

In instances where the edits made are removed and the default form and customized version of the form have the same values, the Duplicate banner will display with a yellow background as can be seen in the image above.

This means that these forms can be disabled or removed from the site as the site won't be able to use the default and most updated version of the form.

Please keep in mind that editing only the Form Settings and reverting them back to its default version will not cause a form to display as Duplicate, changes have to be made on form fields and removed later on for the system to consider it as Duplicate.

Allowed Frontend HTML Tags

The owner of the site can restrict or allow HTML elements that are used in frontend forms. 

This setting can be found by going to Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Allowed Frontend HTML Tags:

NOTE: For security reasons, there are some HTML elements that are never allowed: <input>, <textarea>. <link>, <form>, <meta>, <applet>, <frame>, <iframe>, <script>, <style>, <base>, <body>, <html>, <object>, <?, <?php

Important Information:

  • At this time, default and/or custom forms can't be imported or exported.