Admin Dashboard Modules


This article goes over the different modules available in the Admin Dashboard:

1. Start Here (Setup Essentials) & Quick Start Videos

Every Directory website needs these steps, make sure to complete all of these to complete the basic setup. 

(This module will display until all the steps have been set up, once this setup is complete this module will no longer be visible.) As well, watching these videos are the best to get the site up and running. (This module will be visible until the Setup Essentials steps are completed.)

2. Quick Links

Find highly used sections of the software here on these links for quick access:

3. Information Bar

The information bar will display basic information from the site. That includes:

  • Financial Snapshot
  • Member Snapshot
  • New Pending Items

The Financial Snapshot show a Summary of the Finance Section, including the Received, Upcoming, Past Due, and Refunded Payments.

The Member Snapshot displays the Total Members and the recently registered members, in the current day, past 7 and 30 days.

And the New Pending Items section displays a list of pending inquiries, leads, reviews, posts, past-due members, and the total count of pending items.

4. Recent Member Logins

Find out what members accessed the site recently.

5. Software Updates

We are updating the platform every day, make sure to update the site frequently. Click on the Green button to see if there are any updates available to install.

6. My Website Resources

Member Count: Indicates the number of members in the directory.

Available Storage Space: The website includes 5GB–10GB of free storage space and monthly bandwidth, depending on the plan selected. The Disk space is the data stored in the site which includes images, files, database, etc. Adding more images or data takes space in your disk usage so deleting some of these, can make the usage go down.  If the website is reaching the monthly bandwidth and/or storage limits, this add-on will increase both by 10GB: Website Storage Boost.

Monthly Bandwidth Usage: This is the total amount of data – such as images, movies, photos, videos and other files – that are sent (upload) or received (download) over a specific period of time. For further information please see: How Bandwidth And Storage Usage Is Calculated. If the website is reaching its monthly bandwidth and/or storage limits, this add-on will increase both by 10GB:  Bandwidth Boost Add-on.

Daily Emails Sent: All Website Plans are allocated 1,500 daily email sends (45,000 free emails each month – for life). If the website is easily reaching the daily limit, this can be increased by acquiring the Email Limit Boost service.

Email Unblock Tool. This message will only display if the default email is blocked. If this message displays just click on the button to Unblock Email. Make sure that the email account exists as this is the most common reason emails get blocked. When using our default setup if an error message response displays after attempting to unblock, make sure to contact support.

The Google Map API Usage Status Checker shows the status of your Google Maps API. If you get an error on this section make sure to check that all of the settings are correct: Google Maps Troubleshooting

Cleanup Tools: This tools help to reduce disk and bandwidth space as well as optimize the website's performance.

-Delete Unused Images. If there are any temporary image files stored on the site that are using up disk space that are no longer needed, clicking this button will remove them.

-Delete Old Export Files. The tool removes the Exports that the Export Tool Add-On creates.

-Delete Backup Files. The tool removes the backups created in cPanel to clean up some space. 

7. Facebook Group Access

Join Our Community Experts for Help & Advice. We highly recommend joining our Facebook Group. Connect and talk with different website owners and get their recommendations and help with all sorts of questions, from strategy to marketing and more. 

Take advantage of our Free Training Workshops to learn lots of great tips.

8. Help Resources

Quickly access the Solutions Center to find documentation articles that explain how to use the different sections of the software. The Keyword search makes it easy to simply type in a topic and get the right article.

To get the full list of articles visit the Documentation link.

The Community Forums and Facebook Group are also a great way to connect with other directory owners, get tips, recommendations and workarounds.

Every Wednesday our BD experts touch base with directory owners in our Training Webinars. Watch replays of training workshops and register for our next weekly training session. 

To get custom-designed features or 3rd party integrations, or SEO optimization the Partner Marketplace offers a list of experienced professionals that can help with integrations and design features that can make the site unique and personalized.

Our Support Team is here to help, submit a ticket, and get assistance within 24 hours.

Get Immediate Help in the Admin Account Dashboard

9. Monthly Changelog

Follow our monthly updates, enhancements, and new features added to the core Brilliant Directories platform.