On this article we are going to describe the items that appear on your Admin Dashboard.

Information Bar

The information bar will display basic information from your site. That includes:

  • Total Members
  • New Members
  • Leads To Match
  • Total Revenue

Popular Support Topics

Here you can access the Solutions Center to find documentation related to questions you may have about your website.

Get Immediate Help in Your Admin Account Dashboard

Social Media Quick Links

You can access your Social Media Links.

Monitor Add-Ons

You can see what Add-Ons are activated by clicking on Monitor Add-Ons.

Recommended Resources

You can find direct access to a Free Marketing Kit, access our Company Blog and request Private One-on-One Training Sessions.

Recent Member Logins

Find out what member were accessing your site recently.

My Website Resources

The Google Map API Usage Status Checker lets you know how many credits you have remaining for the month on your Google Maps Platform account.

Sendgrid Unblock Tool. This message will only display if your Email is blocked. If this message displays just click on the button to Unblock Email. If you get an Error Message Response that says your Email Failed, make sure to contact support.

Disk Space Usage.  Your website already includes 5GB–10GB of free storage space and monthly bandwidth, depending on your plan. The Disk space is the data you have stored in your account - images, files, database, etc.  If you add more, your usage goes up.  If you delete some of these, the usage goes down.

Monthly Bandwidth Usage. This is the total amount of data – such as images, movies, photos, videos and other files – that you send (upload) or receive (download) over a specific period of time. For further information please see: How Bandwidth And Storage Usage Is Calculated

Remove Unused Images. If there are any temporary image files stored on your site that are using up disk space that are no longer needed, clicking this button will remove them.

Remove Export Files. The tool removes the Exports that the Export Tool Add-On creates.

If you find yourself reaching your website’s monthly bandwidth and/or storage limits, this add-on will increase both by 10GB.