To retrieve a member's password you must go to the /login page of your website. You must click on "Forgot your password? Click Here".

This will take you to the: /login/retrieval of your site. 

Enter the email address and click on "Get My Password"

The system is going to send an email with a link to reset the password.

Once you open the link, you'll be taken to a special link to add the new password:

If you have multiple accounts created with the same email, then you will need to update the password manually.

If this is the case, this message will appear:

"There is more than one member with this email address. Please contact us for help resetting your account password."

If you want to change what this Pop Up message says, you can go to: Settings >> Text Labels and replace the message.

Please see: How To Edit The Text Labels Throughout Your Site

If you need to change the password manually we recommend to taking at look at this article: How to Change The Password For a Member In The Admin Dashboard