Website admins are always encouraged to set up and create their own membership plans to match their website goals. 

Newly launched websites include several default membership plans, including the “General User” membership plan. 

The General User is the type of Membership Level that is targeted to Visitors, individuals that want to be part of your directory to:

-Look for members because the site might be Members Only.

-Individuals that want to get a benefit only if they are part of the directory.

-Use the Favorites Add-on functionality to save Posts and Profiles of members that are searchable on the website.

By default this type of profile is non-searchable meaning that they are not going to create posts on the website, this is just it's default functionality but you can make them searchable and they can create posts too.

You can use this membership level to get visitors to create an account on your website, you can use this list to email marketing content about the website, a similar use to a Newsletter list.