Web Page Builder » Pre-Made Elements

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000074302-web-page-builder-pre-made-elements

The ability to insert pre-made content elements into custom web pages and landing pages is now available. 

To add the content to a static page, navigate to My Content >> Web Page Builder >> Click "Edit" for existing page OR click New Web Page button to create a new web page:

Once on the web page, search for the "Pre-Made Elements" on the right sidebar:

There are 14 available pre-made elements to choose from:

1. Image

2. Video

3. Button Link

4. Contact Form

5. Text Block

6. Section Title

7. Divider Line

8. Line Break

9. Text With Image Right

10. Text with image Left

11. Three Column Feature List

12. Four Column Feature List

13. FAQ Module

14. Pricing Plan

Drag and Drop the elements into the static page:

Customize and Edit the elements by using the FROALA Editor options:

This is an example of what a page looks like when adding 2 Text With Image Right Blocks :


For more information, we recommend checking this great video: